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Need a break from shampooing or don't have time? Dry shampoo absorbs excess oils, leaving hair feeling clean and fresh with added body.

2 oz / 60 g


To ensure you get the most out of our Dry Shampoo powder, here are some quick instructions on applying it effectively!

Begin with DRY Hair and apply to ROOTS only. Use a comb to part your hair into small 1" to 2" sections beginning with the oiliest areas first.

Brush Method: The most precise way to apply is using an applicator brush (a makeup brush works great). Sprinkle a small amount of dry shampoo powder into your hand and dip in the bristle ends. Tap to remove excess. Apply to the root sections in a dabbing motion.

Shaker or Fingers Method: Although some people like to simply sprinkle the powder sparingly on the scalp area where oil forms and then massage the powder into the scalp, I find that I have less control over the amount of powder using this method and end up with too much. I prefer using my fingers as applicators if not using a brush. Palm side up, I sprinkle a small amount onto my fingers, rub my fingers together and then massage through the scalp.

Distribute the dry shampoo for BOTH methods: Your fingertips are the best tool for this job. Moving from the top-down, use fingertips to massage and distribute the powder into the scalp. Wait a few minutes so it can work its magic. Massage your scalp again as you tousle and fluff your hair until there are no more powdery spots. Then brush your hair to further distribute the powder. Spot apply as needed to oily spots.

Night Before: Apply as described above before going to bed. The powder has more time to blend in and will soak up oil that is released during the night.

Tip: If you wear a part in your hair, apply near, but not exactly on your part line.


Unscented: Arrowroot Flour*, Tapioca Starch*, Kaolin Clay*

Peppermint + Rosemary: Arrowroot Flour*, Tapioca Starch*, Kaolin Clay*, Essential Oils (Peppermint, Rosemary)

Lavender + Tea Tree: Arrowroot Flour*, Tapioca Starch*, Kaolin Clay*, Essential Oils (Lavender, Tea Tree)


Dry Shampoo - Light Hair

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