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Diffuse on the go!

Scent your car in style with these adorably, useful Wool Ball Essential Oil Diffusers.

Simply add a few drops of essential oil drops right onto the wool felt ball, hang it on your car vent and reapply oils as needed.

*Can also be used in vehicles, small bathrooms, offices, or closets.

If you would like a specific color palette, please leave us a comment on which colors you work like and the position you would like them. Attach a photo of the color(s) you are looking for and we will try to color match it as best we can!*


Top - White

Middle - Magenta/Pink

Bottom - Blue

Thread - Magenta/Pink

Please understand that colors may be slightly different than the image you send and are subject to adjustments if we can not replicate it

Wool Ball Essential Oil Diffuser